Tamarind/Tamarindo Jelly, WITHOUT Peppers (8 oz)


Tamarind/Tamarindo Jelly without peppers– Many of our customers are using this jelly as a rim paste for their drinks.  Place some of this jelly in a dish, roll your glass on the jelly until you have the entire rim covered.  Next you may sprinkle some Tajin seasoning powder with a spoon all over the jelly, which will stick nicely.  Then add ice and your favorite beverage to the glass and enjoy!  In this video we used a paper cup and added homemade Tamarindo tea, it turned out so refreshing!


Tamarind/Tamarindo Jelly without peppers is a very delicious and tangy jelly!   Many are using it as a rim paste for their drinks.

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Weight1.0 lbs