Flaming Hot! Habanero Hot Sauce (8 oz)


Flaming Hot! Habanero Hot Sauce, (8 oz)

This is our original preservative & tomato free recipe designed for the “Serious Hot Sauce Eater”. Through our masterful use of ingredients we allow the customer who loves heat to get what they need without losing the wonderful Habanero flavors.

Many of our customers have commented they love the “smoky” flavor of this hot sauce. This product has what we call a “delayed-kick” and then a warming feeling in your mouth and throat. This is a very enjoyable experience for those who love the habanero heat.

“A little goes a long way” –We recommend you use sparingly at first until you find “your” right amount to enhance ALL of your favorite foods:

*Spread a small amount on a tortilla for your burritos or quesadillas
*Mix with your mayo to make the best sandwich ever!
*Add to guacamole or sour cream for great dips.
*Do you dip your pizza in ranch dressing? Then add Hot Mama Bella to your dressing!
*Add to your soups, spaghetti sauce, BBQ sauce, etc.
*Add to softened cream cheese and spread on a cracker or bread.
*Add to your boiling water before making white or brown rice.


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